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Achievements of the City University of New Orleans – Success Stories

At the City University of New Orleans, we take pride in propelling our students to the path of their success.
Their high achievements are the pictogram of our advanced academia.

The flexibility of City University's master’s programs allowed me to concentrate my MBA in project management. Using my elective credits, I concurrently earned a Project Management Certificate without any additional coursework!

Ann Talley

I would recommend the Doctorate program at CUNO because it’s a good value for anyone who wants to succeed in management and organizational leadership. My Ph.D. paid for itself within a few years, as I was able to land the higher paying job I wanted.

Abbott Lincoln
In taking online HRM degree program for my career growth, I got unique perspectives on managing my tasks from the other HR managers. I was able to utilize the principles and techniques that I was learning in my coursework immediately at my job, bring topics from course discussions into my workplace, and expand my professional network.
David Cooper
Studying at CUNO has proved to be a very fruitful decision for me In terms of career growth. I earned my Bachelors’ degree from here. Professors taught me the critical skills of being precise and concise. I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal but said very little to a job prospect and employee who communicates powerfully with fewer words. This skill is critical when communicating with C-level or VP-level executives, whether internally at my employer or when speaking to a current or potential client. I had adequate skills to impress an employer before completing my BBA but gave me a great deal of confidence and a refined set of skills that make me a proactive decision-maker and valued employee.
Masha Dozescu
The MBA at CUNO is a top-notch option for any student seeking individual attention, knowledgeable and experienced professors, and a more personal MBA experience than a larger program could offer. In the program, I gained tremendous knowledge of many facets of the business. Course offerings are diverse and cover subject areas that include accounting, business strategy, business analysis, human resources, negotiation, MIS/software, and supply chain. The designed curriculum is challenging, promote critical thinking, and give students every chance to build a robust skill set applicable to many business career paths.
James G. Dunkley

Through City University of New Orleans, you can become your brand. This idea has made CUNO a hub of entrepreneurs, I always wanted to start a business of my own. For this purpose my inquisitive mind had a lot of ideas, CUNO amazing faculty helped me polish my idea and gave me the right direction of where to take the start from. In just a timespan of 2years, I was able to establish my cosmetic line brand and it's running successfully across 3 cities of UAE today.

Aura Smith