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Qualified Master’s Degree Programs For Speculative Education

Get your Master's Degree from any of our professional schools NOW! We aim to deliver a reasonably priced yet worthy Master's Degree Program. Our self-paced online education system will help you attain your degree much faster.

What Makes You Eligible For A Master’s Degree Program?

You need to be an undergraduate to get enrolled in the Master’s degree program at our university, which means carrying a Bachelor’s degree is a MUST. Getting your Master’s degree from our institute will carve your potential to make you score higher in your career.

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Credit Hours

  • Total Courses

  • Program Duration

  • Program Fees

  • Bachelor's degree, or equiv. International Education

  • 60 Total Credit Hours

  • 10 Courses

  • 1 Year (Self-Paced) Program

  • $21,500 Total Program Fee


The City University of New Orleans is highly dedicated to bestowing quality education globally. We deliver the highest educational standard, you can also gain knowledge virtually with our accredited online degree programs.

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