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Achieve A Graduate Course Certificate For Professional Excellence

Enter undergraduate and leave graduate! With our Graduate Course Certificate Programs, get a chance to experience quality education for a successful tomorrow. Reach our student advisor to get detailed information about our study sessions, scholarship plans and other academic specialities.

Are You Eligible For Our Graduate Course Certificate Program?

To get a graduate course certificate you must hold a bachelor’s or equivalent in international education. At our university, we polish the critical skills of the undergraduates that join us. Our experts aim to assist you in pursuing your passion with ease. Apply now and get a quality education today.

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Credit Hours

  • Total Courses

  • Program Duration

  • Program Fees

  • Bachelor's degree, or equiv. International Education

  • 06 Total Credit Hours

  • 01 Courses

  • 3 Months (Self-Paced) Program

  • $1,200 Total Program Fee


The City University of New Orleans is highly dedicated to bestowing quality education globally. We deliver the highest educational standard, you can also gain knowledge virtually with our accredited online degree programs.

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