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Professional Doctorate Degree (Applied) Programs For Academic Excellence

Pursue a worthy doctorate degree (applied) from our professional and certified degree programs. The City University Of Orleans has maintained the quality standards of education nationally as well as internationally. In addition, we also have scholarship programs for deserving learners.

Eligibility Criteria For Doctorate Degree (Applied) Program

At The University Of City Orleans, we offer a wide range of learning areas to lend you a helping hand in achieving a successful career. We have maintained our standards of improvising top-quality and practical knowledge globally. Get your degree here to attain all that you deserve.

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Credit Hours

  • Total Courses

  • Program Duration

  • Program Fees

  • Master degree or equiv. international education

  • 54 Total Credit Hours

  • 09 Courses

  • 3 Year (Self-Paced) Program

  • $18,900 Total Program Fee


The City University of New Orleans is highly dedicated to bestowing quality education globally. We deliver the highest educational standard, you can also gain knowledge virtually with our accredited online degree programs.

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