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Professional Associate Degree Programs For Academic Excellence (Any Professional School)

Earn a valuable and career-boosting associate degree from any of our professional schools through our academic associate degree programs. We are anytime available to provide you with accurate data about the scholarship, well-organized study sessions, and a flexible study program.

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Earn quality education from The City University Of New Orleans that emphasizes your career growth and polishes your critical skills. Our skilled and practised faculty helps you pursue the best possible knowledge in your interdisciplinary field. Select a degree that electrifies your career potential.

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Credit Hours

  • Total Courses

  • Program Duration

  • Program Fees

  • High School Diploma, GED or equiv. International Education

  • 96 Total Credit Hours

  • 16 Courses

  • 1 Year (Self-Paced) Program

  • $14,400 Total Program Fee

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