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Confiscating All Academic Financial Hurdles Students Face

City University of New Orleans is proud to have a dense global community. We care for all your needs and make sure the education
process is made as feasible for you as possible. We provide merit-based scholarships to our students in order to make sure nothing can
stop you from moving ahead.

High Achiever Grant

City University of New Orleans appreciates your intelligence and provides High Achiever Grants, to students who have a sound academic background.

Research Grant

We motivate students with an inquisitive mindset. If you have made valuable additions to the research world with your findings and have worked on it CUNO’s Research Grant is entitled for you.

Minority scholarships can be general or specific which is determined as per the nationality, with some being open to all minority students while others are designed to benefit one ethnic group in particular.

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You Can Be the Boss

Your world of dreams can come to reality here at CUNO with us. Avail our scholarship programs and our flexible online classes will also gel in with your busy schedule well. DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE
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Know More about Our Scholarship and Financial
Assisting Programs

You can contact our 24/7 student advisory services for further assistance of our vast scholarship program at
the City University of New Orleans.

Veteran Scholarship

These scholarships are typically available either to those who have served in any of the armed forces. You can avail of up to 75% of our scholarship if you have served in any of the above-mentioned services in your country.

Women Empowerment

There are scholarships specifically designed to benefit women and encourage the itinerary of women empowerment. This scholarship opens up doors of equal opportunities for women.

Community & Military

If you are a student with a history of community involvement, civic accomplishments or participation in military acts then a scholarship in this principle may be confirmed for you by CUNO

Reshaping Lives For A
Better World Outside

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