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Exploring New Aspects of the World, With CUNO’s
Inquisitive Research Team

City University of New Orleans is a research powerhouse. We consistently attract the highest caliber of researchers in terms of faculty
and students. We make sure our researches are a positive addition to the world of tomorrow. We motivate students to explore the world
with its different dimensions.

Research Power Pack

CUNO considers achieving a positive research culture as the responsibility of all staff and students. We greatly value our talented researchers and recognize that they are fundamental to our ability to develop and deliver world-class research. We make sure our students are equipped well with the new and advanced research tools and techniques to make the research path smooth for them.

  • 3K+
    Enrolled students show

    Interest in Research Programs

  • 150+
    Professionals across the globe

    Professionals across the globe

  • 500+
    Research works have

    Been published and appreciated

Our contribution in various dimensions of the research world

“Fortunately, with the Research program offered at CUNO, I can use my interest in a fairly productive way and contribute to society by sharing my research.”

Michael Cooper - Social Sciences

Choosing CUNO has proved beneficial for me in many ways. The university believes that innovation thrives when cultures collide and collaborates. My extremely inquisitive nature has always made me dig deep into things, whenever I would be exposed to a new surrounding I would always ask questions to myself and strive to get the answers.

Know more about our research culture

CUNO’s main assists are their talented students and prestigious faculty members that come from all over the world. This intellectual
combination has made the City University of New Orleans retain its reputation of being one of the finest institutions in every aspect.

Research Contributions

The extremely talented team of CUNO researchers has made a valuable addition to the research world of today. We have published our research work in many research journals.

Research Facilities

We provide our students with the top and advanced research tools for their assistance. Our expert team of faculty also is an assist for our students.

Research Center

At our research center, we make the policy and guidance required in the preparation of research proposals. We also work on the costing to manage ongoing projects.

Researcher’s networking

City University of New Orleans is proud and privileged to have a strong and compatible network of researchers. And over time it's expanding which is a positive sign for us.