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The City University of New Orleans offers a wide variety of different programs for international students from which they can choose
and excel in their field of interest.

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The City University of New Orleans welcomes the international students to experience a diverse culture and advanced curriculum. You can have a vast perspective on various high profile discussions. You can learn everything you need to know about online study at City University of New Orleans while studying your distance learning program at CUNO and get all your queries answered.

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I utilized many of the skills I learned from the MBA in my profession as a Solutions Consultant. I am well-respected by my customers and employer and I am considered an employee who adds value by the director, VP-level, and C-level decision-makers. I simply couldn’t ask for more than what I gained from CUNO’s MBA program, and I can’t say enough about the ongoing support I still receive from my former professors when I reach out for advice or an opinion five years after graduating from the program.
Alexander Smith.
I chose to pursue my MA in Social Science degree at City University of New Orleans, because the program covered a wide range of areas that I already had familiarity with and wanted to expand upon. Also, I had heard great things from co-workers who attended and graduated from the program especially that they worked on a personal level with their professors.
Jennifer Daniel
Choosing to work full-time and attend online classes after that made my life easier and I can honestly say that I am glad I did it! As a student in the MS Engineering program at City University of New Orleans, I felt that I contributed to two major—but very different—ways. I had a real-life experience that I shared with my classmates and I showed others at my company that they too could manage work, school, and life balance.
Ahmed Khan
Since graduating from City University of New Orleans, I’ve gained a lot of experience and skills that are transferrable to any industry. However, I had the urge of gaining more knowledge in business side of things. This was the main factor in my decision to go back to school to obtain my PhD. My choice once again was CU because of the validations I had received as a graduate of CU after my bachelors and masters.
Khadija Al Mehmood
International Students are preferred by the top employers for managerial positions in their respective countries all across the globe.