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CUNO Organizes Different International Events For
International Students & Faculty

CUNO is an institution that has not restricted itself to one region. We have overlooked the boundaries of border and ensured that online
education experience is left with no loop holes. We organize different International events for our students’ in order to keep them
updated and relevant to the outside world.

Go Global Information Session

CUNO has initiated Go Global Information Session. These sessions are the best way to learn about your global study opportunities that will help you gain credit towards your degree.

CUNO E-Careers Fair Center Helps You Build Your Organizations’ Profile, Share Opportunities And Meet Future Talent.
Information Technology Seminar at CUNO - An Exciting and Progressive
Field Program That Caters For a Diversity Of Interests.
CUNO Graduate Gateway Is A Series Of Interactive, Online Workshops

Designed to provide you with techniques to succeed in employment market.

Webinar on Smart Future - CUNO Focuses on Innovation and Creating Smarter Solutions for the Future
CUNO Faculty Members Joins the Commission of Digital Futures
Student Counseling Sessions - Committed To Helping You Succeed And Ensuring Your Transition To University Is Easy And Enjoyable.

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Rate of our Updated Programs.

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