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Here at City University of New Orleans, we provide you the ease of Credit transfer. If you have already studied a course previously, you can
get the course exempted. This will not just save your time and energy but will also save your money by exempting the course fee.

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Be a part of our internationally recognized accredited institution and fuel up your stunt career growth.

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You can choose your timings as per your feasibility. You can alter the pace of your degree by just completing the number of hours required for your designated course.

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If you are in search of broadening your horizon and aligning the mission of the institution with your future goals, CUNO is the university you need to opt. Transfer
your aims and dreams to a place which solely focuses on refining your potential and ensuring an illuminate future for you.

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If you wish to transfer to our physical on campus in USA, contact our 24/7 assistance team and obtain the relevant information.

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CUNO provides you the opportunity to transfer courses through credit by credit and course by course methodology.

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You can exempt the courses you have already studied earlier and pace up the time of your degree completion.

Military Credits

If you have a military background, or have served military in any role you can pursue your education by being a part of CUNO.


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I was doing my bachelors in Business Management previously from a renowned university but to manage a job along with the degree was the real struggle. I was in a havoc, and all I was doing the entire time was running after the clock to manage time for my professional and academic life. Fortunately through a friend I came across City University. I researched thoroughly about the institute and was delighted to know about Credit Transfer facility. Without a second thought I got all my formalities of credit transfer done and that was the best decision I had made. I completed my degree 6 months prior to the time and their scholarship programs were a value add on to make my life easier.

Andrew Stephen Engineering