Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: Get Latest Safety Information For Academic Year 2020-2021

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Covid-19 is declared to be a global pandemic and has left an impact on everything around us.
Professional, academic, personal be it any sector or dimension of life it has made us acknowledge and
accept a new and unusual normal.

Work from Home

Remote working had its advantages but also serious challenges. It takes a lot of energy to work remotely. It gets especially difficult if you are working and studying in the same space. You should try to cope up with it by having a perfect routine, create a separate workspace, write a to-do-list, dress up properly, and take regular breaks.

Visa Delays

Visa Delays caused by Covid-19 impacted one-third of University applicants. This is the biggest problems international students are facing due to the coronavirus crisis. There are issues with some Visa application center, with fast-tracked appointments not on offer due to the pandemic. This is extremely frustrating for students especially once they have admission approval from Institutions.

Jobs and Pandemic

The major challenge that we all faced was a job hunt for new graduates. There were very limited openings since the job market had saturated due to the global economic crisis this pandemic had brought along.

Lasting Environmental Progress

While the cause for this pandemic isn’t something anyone would have chosen, one of the results appears to have been a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Holiday Travel Safe This Year?

While many have been cooped up for months (and some almost a year), it’s no surprise many want to get out of Dodge. But during a global pandemic, we all have the added responsibility of not only keeping our loved ones safe but also our larger community safe as well.

New Normal & Job Market

The impact of Covid-19 on recent and upcoming graduate employability has been felt globally. From knowing what skills to have, to knowing where to look, and also having the right network. To excel in a career especially in these uncertain times is a task. But successful are those who are the survivors of today. Let’s not let our hope of a better tomorrow die and be each others’ helping hand.

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