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Our Aim and Vision

City University of New Orleans is committed to actively seeking out and developing brilliant students - regardless of their financial and social circumstances. Our world comprises of people with diverse talents, interests, backgrounds and cultures. We prepare our scholars for a lifetime of learning, and equip them to lead reform in their respective industries, families and communities.

Basic Information

The City University of New Orleans follows a quite simple process of student enrollment. You don’t have to run back and forth to submit your fee or documentations for this purpose. Our whole process is online-based, which makes it easy for the students to submit their details on one click.

Admission Requirements

  • To check if you are eligible for the program you are applying for please go through the eligibility criteria of the specified program carefully before applying.

  • Students needs to fill in their basic information like their name, age, program selected and their last academic qualification.

  • Once you have provided us with the required information you are all set to move towards our next step.

Choose a Program

  • This is a detailed step where you need to provide us a comprehensive insight about your chosen program of interest.

  • You will also have to verify the information you have provided to us earlier about your academic qualification by submitting us scanned documents.

  • If you qualify for our scholarship programs, kindly select the type of scholarship you wish to attain and also provide relevant details asked.

Pay For the Program

  • After you are through with providing us the detailed information the next step is payment.

  • You will be provided with an allotted bank account details on which the registration fee has to be submitted and with this your application will be taken forward for further assistance.

  • For Scholarship programs please contact our student counselor they will assist you in this regard further.

Admission Confirmation

  • Once you have completed the above mentioned steps, an auto generated email from the institution will be processed to you which will have your unique student ID.

  • After your application has been reviewed you will get an email for your admission confirmation and that email will also guide you towards what has to be done next in order to complete the admission process.

  • You will get a sequence of emails after the confirmation email regarding assessment test dates and program commencement.


We consider this as our prime responsibility to provide quality and top-notch education
to our students across the globe.