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Accreditations from World Class Bodies

Quality, contribution, care and assistance provided to students from all over the world are the core values of our
university. Striving for constant innovation and improvement is of great importance to us. We want to showcase
our unique approach to education through further certifications and accreditations.

USBES Accreditation

Obtaining a degree from an accredited college or university will strengthen your academic credentials as your degree would be recognized internationally. Before applying to any college or university, make sure that the academic institute is recognized and accredited by a registered body such as USBES. Accreditation is a proof that the programs and courses offered at a particular university or school are accredited and are up to the standards of global education. Accreditation adds value to your educational profile which ends up with better job prospects in future.

Many institutes and universities prefer accreditation from USBES as it provides reliability and global acceptability of the academic credentials. Students who receive higher education from the accredited education providers, feel confident about their academic career as they are at par with the global standards of education.

Regional Council for Accreditation of American Institution

Regional Council for Accreditation of American Institution is a regional body established to accredit educational institutions after careful evaluations. We ensure that our goal is achieved by partnering with institutes that are on par with the international academic standards. To achieve these goals, our team focuses on designing the academic programs with the international standards and provide a solid base for students so that they can become successful future leaders.

Devoted To Deliver Utmost Level of Education Manifest By Global Endorsement Groups

- Acts as a guarantee for students that the university submits to the norms set by the industry for quality, instructors, educational plans and other academic administrations.

- Confirms the authenticity of your degree guaranteeing that it is perceived by prospective employers or educational institutions when seeking after further training.

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Students Globally Trust City University of New Orleans with its E-learning Programs and Advanced Learning Management System.