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Our online course management system is an amalgamation of the optimum program designs, proficient faculty, complete student support, and state-of-the-art learning technology.

The City University of New Orleans is positioned on the list of accredited online universities. CUNO has one of the finest certifications, diplomas, and online degree programs with over 500 highly knowledgeable and proficient faculty members. CUNO offers a comprehensive online education system making virtual education affordable and compatible for students.

The City University of New Orleans offers abundant as well as diverse certificate, diploma, and highly accredited online degree programs to its students, giving them opportunities to study what they want to study and according to their aptitude. Our university’s diverse schools offer assorted courses matching the universal standards. We are always attentive in providing the students with superlative academics. Our online course management system keeps updating the deviations in the requirements of international values of education. We make sure that our students are learning the furthermost contemporary skills and techniques that are presently in demand in the professional arena.


At CUNO, we are committed to providing incomparable academic programs along with unsurpassed teaching facilities and learning environment that pose the difference on a global scale. We encourage students to contact their respective counselor through our helpline 24/7 regarding different queries. Our reps are here to back our students and alumni in all ranges regarding financial, legal issues, assortment of course and the whole lot in between.

The Dramatic Shift to Online Learning As A Result Of The
COVID-19 Pandemic Risks
21st November, 2020

Deviation from conventional learning approach is often resisted by the majority of students, whereas announcing novel tools rely on rigorous change. Mayford realizes that students and faculty members have become more equipped for exceling in all aspects. Hence, academics have come to the place where it should also be digitalized to provide one-to-one education.

Despite risks or challenges, online education popularity is making it visible that it is exceptionally advancing in covering all the pillars of education, from corporate learning to social learning to educational learning.

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  • Online education popularity is making it visible that it is exceptionally advancing in covering all the pillars of education. online education popularity is making.

Lack of Financial Assistance
21st November, 2020

The Education Deficit - Unaffordability of the basic, higher and advanced level education tuition fees. In recent years, a number of countries have become part of international political drives to ensure.

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Online University Platform
21st November, 2020

Online education offers prospects of expediency, availability, and personalization that has never been applied before in the academia. As technology is becoming more affordable, reports state that by the year 2022, online education would.

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Academic Trends that are different
21st November, 2020

The environment of online education is quite dynamic as it can be promptly reformed to redirect new learning initiatives or updated to embrace new and more pertinent information. As compared to classroom education, e-learning has

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CUNO SCHOOLS 16 Versatile Schools Offer Multiple
Specializations & Concentrations

City University of New Orleans is one of the accredited
distance education universities that offer a wide range of
majors specifically designed for professionals and working
adults. The finalization of majors covers a variety of
scholastic fields which are the groundwork of the curriculum.
Our 15 versatile schools offer numerous specialties and
concentrations, covering all the top most choices of students
and employers worldwide.

Student Life at City University of New Orleans

Our education model is an amalgamation of the optimum program designs, proficient faculty, complete
student support and state-of-the-art learning technology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I locate a program that’s right for me?

    Search by degree level: Undergraduate Programs, Master's Degree Programs, Doctorate Degree Programs, Certification Programs, and Diploma Program. Before this be sure about your interest. All the best

  • What are the differences between the certification and degrees offered?

    Certificate programs usually focus on teaching students specific and practical skills related to that career field. Degrees provide a general education in several key subjects and require students to complete a certain number of classes or credits in subjects. For any further clarity please dial our 24/7 student council.

  • What is distance education?

    Distance education occurs when a student and an instructor are in different places. Learning occurs by mail, telephone, internet, or by other means. CUNO has a special student portal for this purpose.

  • How many types of scholarship programs CUNO offers?

    We offer a various and diversified range of scholarship programs you can have a look at them on our scholarship page.

  • How do I finance my studies?

    You can work as a full-time employee and continue your studies too without any juggling. Our scholarship programs will make your life easier though!


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Diversity Equity, and
Inclusion at CUNO

At CUNO, we are committed to addressing race inequalities, we have built a more equal and inclusive university, where all members of our community can thrive. At City University of New Orleans we pride ourselves on providing a supportive, inclusive environment where our staff and students can study, work and live in a community that does not tolerate bullying, harassment, hate, or sexual misconduct. We exist to remove barriers in business structures that prevent disabled people from thriving and contributing in this way.

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